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On this site, you can apply for Resident Scholar Fellowships, the Indigenous Writer in Residence Fellowship, Advanced Seminars, Short Seminars, and Research Team Seminars.

The selection process for all fellowships and seminars is guided by the School’s longstanding commitment to support research that advances knowledge about human culture, evolution, history, and creative expression.  SAR views its mission, its scholars, and its attractive campus environment as the connective tissue that supports the kinds of research that underlie its national reputation.

Competitive proposals for the Resident Scholar fellowships and Seminars have a strong empirical dimension, meaning that they address the facts of human life on the ground.  They also situate the proposed research within a specific cultural or historical context and engage a broad scholarly literature. Applicants should make a convincing case for the intellectual significance of their projects and their potential contribution to a range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Please Note: SAR allows fellows to bring their companion animals to campus but our accommodations are limited to two SMALL animals.  We allow only cats and dogs on the premises.


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  • For information on Advanced, Short, and Research Team Seminars, click here.

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